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How much do you know about your drinking water?

Think of it, water makes up between 70% and 90% of your body and is your largest consumable."Water helps process just about every biological, mechanical and chemical action that takes place in the body”. This of course is echoed by most physicians globally and is an indisputable and paramount factor when it comes to perfect health. According to Dr. Robert O. Young, author of numerous vital books on Alkalinity including ‘The pH Miracle’, states: "The single most important thing you can do to be healthy is to drink good water and plenty of it. Water is of the utmost importance to becoming and remaining healthy”.

The question then becomes what is good water?

Presently, the level of water quality (tap and bottled) in North America, is marginal to unacceptable. Using water filters (be they the cheap pitcher types or expensive whole house systems) are completely inadequate since they only remove some of the larger contaminates allowing the finer ones to get into your body thus allowing medical waste, microbes, fluoride, radiation etc. through. It is safe to say that any easily accessible water is typically acidic.

Good water must be naturally high alkaline. Presently, there are devices available that actually electrocute marginally filtered tap water to obtain a temporary (24-36 hours) alkaline pH reading and then the water returns back to its normal acidic state. Putting electricity into water as these devices do, is clearly unnatural. Artificially created alkaline water also has a less than desirable taste and often leaves an unpleasant after taste.

Natural alkaline water only comes from natural live organic alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium that are not dissolved into it but infused or naturally ionized into the molecular structure of the water as it is in nature. Much like as it is in nature when water tumbles over mineral rich rocks. This water must have an alkalinity level of minimum 8.5 to 10.0 pH and continue to remain in that measure in a sealed container indefinitely to have any worthwhile value in helping the body to obtain and remain in an alkaline state of being.

Good water is and always has been the most efficient means to deliver to your body a mandatory and continuous supply of organic alkaline minerals. Good water must have naturally ionized/infused (not dissolved) live alkaline minerals in it with calcium being dominate, followed by potassium, magnesium & sodium. When the much needed live, natural minerals are ionized and become part of the molecular structure of the drinking water they are 100% absorbed/integrated into the body thus ensuring an alkaline state of being.

Is the water you're drinking hydrating you?

Hydration of the body is critical to optimum health and without it life ceases. Most water today (tap, bottled, filtered/reverse osmosis) is referred to as "dead water” which very simply means that it isn't structured and the water clusters are too large to be absorbed. Consuming "dead water” is of no benefit to your body and actually has negative effects. Another critical factor is oxygen. We all know what happens when a fish aquarium is without oxygen - the fish die. In the same way oxygen availability in water is a crucial component of good water.

Good water must be naturally ionized/structured which means it has very small clusters and is very easily absorbed. This is referred to as ionized, micro clustered ”live water” which is essential to obtaining a healthful alkaline state of being.

Taste is one of the most essential factors in whether you consume water or not. It's one of the main reasons many people don't drink enough water. If the water doesn't taste great, you will likely not drink it. Given that the taste is highly enjoyable, you will crave the water and drink it whenever you can.

Therefore, for maximum hydration, ”live water” (good water) must be: extremely pure, naturally high alkaline created by live organic ionized minerals, micro clustered, naturally ionized/structured  and must contain oxygen and taste great!

AlkaSense markets exactly such water and makes the process of obtaining it simple, easy and affordable. To view how our water conversion system works please go to our "Alkapuro" page.

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Water helps process just about every biological, mechanical, and chemical action that takes place in the body.
Dr. Robert O. Young, Author ‘The pH Miracle'

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