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Mercola.com by Dr. Mercola 1/15/11                                                                   Where Your Bottled Water REALLY Comes From

"About 40 percent of bottled water is nothing more than bottled tap water! So not only might you still be drinking all the chemicals you were trying to avoid in the first place, you may be exposing yourself to even MORE chemicals by drinking from plastic bottles.”

"Pharmacy in a Bottle” - "As mentioned above, about 40 percent of bottled water is tap water. This means you are not only exposed to dangerous BPA from the bottle, you may also be exposed to a variety of water contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, disinfection by-products and prescription drugs.”

"Vitamin Water" - "As Unhealthy as Soda, one of the biggest scams soda manufacturers have come up with is, 'vitamin water'. The marketers for this cleverly disguised 'health drink' take advantage of your growing interest in health and try to make you believe it can measure up to the vitamins and minerals in food. It can't even come close. In truth, vitamin water is one of the worst types of bottled water you can drink!”

"Do Not Deliver” - "Home water delivery is not an environmentally-friendly way to get the water you need. The plastic bottles they come in pose health risks that are less significant than the pint or quart water bottles as they have denser plastic and they typically are reused many times, unlike the smaller bottles. Although some water home delivery companies will ship their water in glass, you still have no real idea where your water is coming from. Also, the load is that much heavier and requires that much more fuel to transport and heavy glass bottles can be difficult to manage and have been known to break and cut seriously injure or even kill people."

"The Truth” - "Fluoride-Tap water and bottled water that originates from tap water is loaded with fluoride. Though you may have been led to believe this substance to be vital to the dental health of you and your family, this is simply not the case. Unfortunately, the belief that fluoride prevents cavities is a common misconception. In fact, the exact opposite is true.”

"According to a recent press release by The Fluoride Action Network, 'Fluoridegate' is fast approaching as it's becoming clear that dental fluorosis is just the tip of the iceberg."

"The press release states: 'A series of disclosures are surfacing about the actions of water fluoridation promoters that point to a likely tsunami of Fluoridegate investigations, hearings and explosive courtroom entanglements.' Tennessee state legislator Frank Niceley states, 'There is a real Fluoridegate scandal here. Citizens haven't been told about harm from fluorides, and this needs to be investigated by the authorities and the media.' Washington D.C. toxic tort attorney Chris Nidel says, "I think when we look back we'll ask why Fluoridegate didn't surface earlier. There are serious concerns about possible conflict of interest and heavy editing of information being fed to the public about fluoride risks and impacts."



CTV NEWS dtd 1/16/12 (Canada Television News)

"Government (Canadian) gets failing grade on safe drinking water”
"The federal government is dragging its heels over the creation of a national safe drinking water strategy, leaving communities at risk for contaminated tap water, a new report says.”

"The report gives the federal government an F for lagging in almost every aspect of water protection for which it's responsible." "Clean water isn't just an environmental issue, it's a health issue and a human rights issue," Christensen said in a statement. "While the federal government now acknowledges the human right to water, they haven't taken any of the necessary steps to make that a reality for many people who live in this country.”



The Alamogordo Daily News - Dawn Greenwald                                                  Posted: 11/27/2011 01:00:00 AM MST

INNOVATIVE HEALTH: Strengthening immune systems through balance and a healthy environment "The body attempts to preserve a blood pH of approximately 7.3 to maintain normal cell reproduction and healthy metabolism. When the body becomes too acidic, one may experience loss of energy, digestion issues, pain, and serious conditions. Chronic acidity compromises the immune system and invites invaders like bacteria, viruses and parasites. Cancer thrives in an acid environment,… Maintaining a proper pH balance is possible through proper diet, drinking good water and sometimes taking natural supplements that alkalize when the blood pH is too acidic.”


                                                                                                                         OMBwatch dtd.7/27/11                                                                                                     "In the Dark on Drinking Water Violations and Contaminants”

"In July, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released two reports that evaluated the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) performance on protecting America's drinking water. The reports highlight EPA's long-standing problems with collecting accurate data on violations and identifying and regulating dangerous contaminants.”

"States are Underreporting Drinking Water Violations to the EPA”

"In Drinking Water: Unreliable State Data Limit EPA's Ability to Target Enforcement Priorities and Communicate Water Systems' Performance, released on July 19, the GAO found that states are significantly underreporting drinking water violations to the EPA. The resulting incomplete and misleading information hinders the agency's ability to effectively enforce rules aimed at protecting human health.”

"EPA Isn't Adequately Regulating Drinking Water Contaminants”

"Released on July 12, the second report, Safe Drinking Water Act: EPA Should Improve Implementation of Requirements on Whether to Regulate Additional Contaminants, focused specifically on unregulated contaminants. The study found "systemic limitations" with the EPA's ability to regulate contaminants. The GAO concluded that the EPA does not have criteria, including internal guidance and policies, to identify and regulate contaminants of greatest risk to public health.”



INDEPENDENT. IE Independent News dtd 8/25/11                                           "600,000 are drinking water with deadly chemicals"

"More than half a million people are drinking tap water which contains higher than permitted levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. EPA data, received by the group under EU regulations which grant public access to environmental information, showed that 598,951 consumers were receiving water with excessive levels of trihalomethanes.”

THMs are a by-product of the chlorination of water containing brown organic matter such as peat.

"Prolonged consumption of drinking water with high levels of THM has been linked to diseases of the liver, kidneys, bladder and central nervous system, as well as with an increased risk of cancer."

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