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Welcome Friends,

AlkaSense is a company that endorses, promotes and distributes thoroughly researched, comprehensively tested and proven products that enhance an alkaline state of being.

An alkaline body is the most perfect state of being there is! If youíre not in an alkaline state of being then you are in an acidic state of being. The body flourishes in an alkaline state while obesity, disease and decay manifest and thrive in an acidic body. All research studies by world famous physicians and researchers point to one bottom line Ė an acidic state of being is a needless tragedy in the making!

The process of shifting the body from being acidic to being alkaline is simple and so incredibly beneficial that choosing to ignore the facts no longer makes sense.

Our Mission at AlkaSense is to provide you with easy to understand informative data, excellent products that are easily obtainable and affordable & at all times, gracious service. Further, we at AlkaSense invite you to join us in a movement to Enhance The Planet In A Miraculous Way.

So please navigate through our site and let us share with you how an alkaline state of being is the only one that makes perfect sense for all of us. As well, please feel free to send us your questions and/or comments at any time.


When our alkaline levels are such that the blood pH is between 7.2 and 8.4, the body is in its optimum to fend off excess weight, disease and decay.More...

After comparing every possible technique of converting drinking water to alkaline water, well, there just isnít even a close second to the Alkapuro WaterConversion System.More...

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Questions? Contact AlkaSense Today.

Questions? Contact AlkaSense Today.

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